Double Time: Bizleg final answers

When does code you create become copyrighted?
As soon as you save it in memory, though techinically as soon as it is written down, as it is stored in RAM.

a. If you could wave a magic wand, and open source any piece of proprietary software, what software would you choose?
The “Mastering” suite – mastering physics, mastering biology, mastering chemistry educational sites.
b. If the software above was open sourced, would it’s company remain stable? How would the company continue to make money?
I believe it would, as people still need to pay to get access to the site’s data like they do now. The company would make money as it always had, just now the sites’ many errors could be fixed.

What do you feel like was the most beneficial thing to learn in the class?
I believe the most beneficial thing I got from this class was the main site and its resources. All those documents are a great source of information, and I will continue to read it.

Explain the some of the motivations a company may have to open source software.
To bring in more developers and have them all work together, bringing more eyes on the issues and bugs.

Are there any changes you would suggest making to the profile template? What parts did you find most interesting or important?
Unfortunately, not all of the companies we wrote profiles for were open-source, and as such did not have access to repos or their code.

If you could have spent more time, say an extra week, on any topic, which would you have liked to cover more in depth?
Terms of Service – I would’ve liked to know how to create a document for a company were I to start one.

Why are you using license **insert license X here** for your open source project?
GPLv3, it is OSI approved, and as the third iteration of the license is quite up to date. I am a fan of the copyleft side of licensing rather than the permissive ones.

If you would suggest a video to be watched as part of this course, what would it be?
Probably a talk from a conference about general open-sorcery, like the video from Karen Sandler about trademarks.


Double Time: meetup3; Mozilla Science Lab monthly etherpad meetup

After seeing Kaitlin Thaney give her talk her at RIT, I followed her on Twitter.
On April 9th, she tweeted a link to the etherpad meeting for the Mozilla Science Lab, and I hopped on:

Double Time: TeamProp4; 18f

TeamProp – 18f

Name Handle Email Role
Andrew Mandula ajman1101 Presentation Maker
Brendan Whitfield beWhitty Researcher
Fernando Ellis fortnight Researcher

Which Entity did your team choose to profile?

We chose to research 18f. Fortnight, beWhitty, and ajman1101 are curious about the project and how it started, and the team has worked well together in the past.

Description of the Organization/Project?

18f is a civic open-source developer organization created by the U.S. government to usher in a new standard in terms of U.S. government software.

Describe each team member’s role?

  • Ajman1101: Presenter
  • beWhitty: Researcher
  • fortnight: Researcher

Organization/Project Source Code Repository URL?

List your upstream Mentor’s below:


How will you communicate with them? (i.e. IRC Channel, Email Addresss, mail lists, issue trackers, etc…)


What do you anticipate the easy parts will be?

  • Finding Organizational Information
  • Finding the history of the project
  • Understanding what the technology is/does

What do you anticipate the hard parts will be?

  • Finding Official 18f Communication channels
  • Finding financial/business operation information
  • Git by a Bus

How will you overcome both?

Meet over the weekend and work together to complete the research

If something goes wrong, what contingencies do you have in place?

Talk with the community to find answers, get another set of eyes to help find information.

When will your group meet regularly outside of class time?

We will be meeting this weekend and on Monday to complete the project.