First Project Proposal

Project Proposal
    Title: Rivendell for Raspberry pi
    Description: I want to functionally implement or install the Rivendell open-source radio automation software (or something similar) on the Raspberry pi. This should allow for a much more lightweight version of potential servers that can be used to run an automated playlist, albeit for radio, personal use, or audio streaming.
    Software Libraries Needed: Rivendell source code, and the following software from the Rivendell INSTALL file: apache web server, Cdda2W, ID3Lib, LibCurl, LibParanoia, LibSndFile, mySQL Database Server, PAM Pluggable Authentication Modules, OggVorbis, Qt Toolkit, Secret Rabbit Code, SoundTouch Audio Processing Library, X11 Window System. (Many of these libraries are included in most Linux distributions by default.)
    Upstream Distribution Repository:
    Open Hardware Needed: Raspberry pi, possible external hard drive for music storage (on hand)
    Team Members: none as of yet
    Upstream Mentors: Vlad Ionescu/ Engineer of WITR – would help me install and manage Rivendell, the software used for online streaming of radio music
    Project Milestones:
        Week 1: specifications – seeing if the software is compatible and/or what needs to be done to install it.
        Week 2: Install of dependent libraries and their requirements
        Week 3: Testing capabilities of software on the hardware, documenting any flaws
        Week 4: Detailing full installation instructions for the Raspberry pi
    Anticipated License: Rivendell was released under the GNU Public License, any changes made or code written will be as well.


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