hackprop 1a and 1b

Hey all, double post about the next projects I might get cracka-lacking on; it depends on which I, and my wonderful FOSSmentor Remy DeCausemaker, find more doable.

hackprop 1a:
Pi Piper (working title) – a player for the Rasberry pi built around streaming audio from the web
Probably to be written in python, as its been much too long since I have used the language. I’m sure there already is some kind of audio playing program for the Rasberry pi, and if there is, I’ll just be adding an audio streaming functionality to it.
Upstream Repository: Pypi I believe
Upstream Mentor: Threebean would be down I’m sure. I’ll ask him tomorrow.
Week 1: Research what players raspberry pi already has
Week 2: Implement a python player that can stream audio from a program such as Rivendell
Week 3: Testing it by connecting to a simulated Rivendell as well as WITR’s stream
Week 4: Packaging and releasing to Pypi
License: GPL version 2

Knowledge is power – a game built in javascript that reads in randomly generated json files to create game boards based on associations between concepts. It could be created to visualize one’s one files and directories as a game board as well, and hopefully could be a gnome extension.
Upstream Repository: extensions.gnome.js
Upstream Mentor: Eli Clampett – 5th year Computer Engineer; knowledgeable in both javascript and it’s packaging
Week 1: Modify/Patch my existing code/idea from Big Red Hacks – reformatting the JSON into a more readable state
Week 2: Write javascript code that reads in from the file and makes a board
Week 3: Test it with a randomly generated json creator
Week 4: package at send to extensions.gnome.org
License: GPL, probably 2.0


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