Commcont1 (a wikipedia edit)

Dear all,

following in the footsteps of fellow FOSSboxer Ajman1101, I did a wikipedia edit for this community contribution. There’s a page for people who want to help with wikipedia, but don’t know the correct way to cite sources and quotations. I, for example only wanted to help with the spelling and grammatical errors that I would know how to fix, regardless of the content of the article. When editing, you’re redirected to a section of plaintext, where you can see what constitutes formatting decisions before the articles get published; for example, links are placed in [[double brackets]]. You don’t necessarily have to know the format, but so long as you maintain it whenever it is there, the formatting should stay the same. I edited the fist two sections of the article on Danish Journalist Erik Seidenfaden. Since this is my first time editing wikipedia, I’ll see what’s done about my edit before finishing the editing of the whole document. I’ll mention in a later post what became of my edits, or as they often say on the news, “More as this story develops.”

Relevant links:


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