Hack0 postmortem

A bit delayed, but more than just a bit necessary, here’s a post-mortem on my previous project. I was trying to package the Rivendell Automation system for the Fedora distribution of Linux. The code and install package can be found at http://rivendellaudio.org/, and its wiki is http://rivendell.tryphon.org/wiki/Main_Page. I got as far as installing all of the necessary files for the ./configure to work, and put it in the “build requires” part of the .spec file as can be seen here: https://github.com/fortnight/Rivendell-Package. It doesn’t work, however, as I never got it to install on my station, let alone on the vagrant virtual machine I was using. The make command to be done after ./configure successfully finishes never quite compiled on my machine, meaning that I couldn’t make it package-able for a different machine.

I will keep continuing on this, as I spoke about my attempt to interviewers, and could send this package to radio stations opening up on other college campuses.

The good news that I learned was that my laptop wasn’t installing things correctly because some file somewhere thinks it was still on fedora 19, and now I have to enter “–releasever=20” to install software for the latest version. As to how I could change that, I’m not so sure.


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