This is my third community contribution, as we, like computers, started counting them at 0.

For this one I went to and uploaded a flac file of myself laughing like a villain (Evil_Laugh.flac). It was pretty easy to make. Firstly, as I use Gnome on Fedora Linux I had to install a sound recorder, which I did by typing “sudo yum install gnome-media-apps” in the terminal window. Then, I went to the activities page and typed in “sound,” only to have the sound recorder be the first result that came up. It allowed me to record my voice in a .flac file format which is pretty high quality for audio files (flac stands for “Free Lossless Audio Codec”). I also work at the radio station WITR on campus here at RIT (Perhaps you recall my first project to package Rivendell), and we normally rip cds into our digital library in said audio format. The sound recorder program was very easy to use, you just click record, speak, click stop, and click save. My audio file is still under review on, but you can hear a similar laugh if you exhale all your air out, and then try to laugh. You can here me exhaling at the beginning of the audio clip, too. I’ll post the link to the sound clip once it goes up.

Screenshot from 2014-12-16 13:44:14


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