Hack1 Postmortem

So FileMap didn’t quite pan out.

My plans for creating world maps out of file directories, and perhaps dominating such worlds, quickly became a pipe dream (pic related). There wasn’t enough time for me to reach the level that I had wanted, because I wasn’t budgeting my time nearly well enough. I was focusing on getting ready for and traveling to an interview with Red Hat, but more on that later. The work I did can be found here: https://github.com/fortnight/FileMap. There isn’t really a fix for it, as it is an unfinished product, but really the problem is not with the code but with my limited knowledge of FOSS resources. There are a lot of plugins and previous projects out there that I could’ve used, but didn’t quite look into. I know they’re there because my classmates told me about them whenever I brought up the problems I had. Just using python at all leads you into everything on pypI: https://pypi.python.org/pypi where countless programmers build and release software every day.


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